Monday - Friday Lunch Special Menu

1 Courses for £7.95
2 Courses for £9.95
3 Courses for £11.95


Lentil Soup




Feta Borek


Traditional Turkish lentil soup

Grilled spicy Turkish beef sausage served with salad                   

Blended pureed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil

Cucumber, mint, hint of garlic in yougurt dip                 

Filo pastry filled with feta cheese & spinach and fresh herbs       

Deep fried chickpeas, herbs & spices served with humus & salad


Izgara Kofte

Chicken Shish

Lamb Kofta Burger

Adana Shish

Chicken wrap

Halloumi wrap

Lamb kofte wrap

Falafel wrap

Chicken Salad Grilled

Chicken wings

Meze Selection

Chicken Casserole

Lamb Casserole

Lamb meat balls in tomato and herb sauce served with rice

Charcoal grilled 5 cubes of chicken breast served with rice & salad

served with pickle and steak cut chips

Skewered  kofte minced lamb served with rice and salad             

with salad, garlic sauce served with chips, & slaw

with garlic sauce, cacik, parsley and salad with chips and slaw

Tomato, onion, rocket, herbs, garlic sauce with chips, & slaw

with garlic sauce, parsley, salad chips and humus

chicken with salad & olive oil pomegranate dressing

chicken wings served with chips & salad

Humus, Cacik, baba ganoush, kisir, Feta Borek, Hellim, Mucver

Chicken Breast with mushroom, peppers, tomato & onion & rice

with mushroom, peppers, tomato & onion & rice



Ice cream

with vanilla ice cream

2 scoop vanilla, chocolate or strawberry